Tuesday, November 1

Superhero Wisdom: All you truly have is NOW.

“We live on remembering and honoring the past, but always looking to the future." - SUPERMAN

It is important to remember, superheroes, for our greatest lessons can be gleaned from our past.  It is also essential that we look to the future, for that is where the products of our intentions and dreams lie.  But it is the present moment which is the most imperative time, for it is the place where we can make the most difference.  All you truly have is NOW.

Here's to saving the... moment!
-Citizen Superhero

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Saturday, January 9

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Superheroes! 

A new time is upon us. I offer this mantra (probably best recited aloud in the presence of someone else or to yourself, in the mirror).  This creates legitimacy and personal accountability.

"Let my powers shine in 2021. 

I will be the one to do what is right, 

the one to risk a new change in routine, 

the one to take the first step in breaking down a barrier between myself and someone else, 

the one to take deep breaths before acting, 

the one to love unconditionally, 

the one to embrace the simple greatness of the ripple effect 

and, in little ways, 

the one to save the day… Everyday."

This is your year, your time. There's never been a better time to be "super."

- CS

Saturday, September 1

Don't Forget to Open Your Eyes

The following is an account that my amazing wife, Bonnie, shared with me about a recent experience. Such a Citizen Superhero moment!  Enjoy.
Here's to saving the day...everyday!
- Citizen Superhero

"Last night as I was walking into Safeway, I saw a homeless man sitting in a wheel chair, shaking his change cup at the entrance. I encounter so many homeless people in San Francisco, many of them severely mentally ill, and I often pretend I don’t see them because I don’t want to be hassled for money. I truly want to help and don’t want to become desensitized to their struggle, I tell myself, but what can I really do?
When I glanced over at this man last night, took in the look on his tired face and the image of the leg he would never again be able to use, I felt drawn to speak to him. I asked him if I could buy him some food, an invitation he accepted with a smile of gratitude that looked more like shock, and then, relief.
As I brought out the sandwich and leaned down to help him unwrap it, he looked at me deeply for a moment. “Thank you for the food and the conversation,” he said, “and for sharing the light of God through your eyes.” He went on to describe all the people he’d seen walk by that day, and how they all have that light somewhere inside, but how few of them stop to share it with others.
Our angels and teachers are everywhere, and last night mine showed up in the form of a homeless, wheelchair-bound man named Antonio. A four dollar sandwich shared with this stranger bought me a priceless reminder of the power of loving human connection, and how different all of our lives might be if we consciously chose to invite it in more often. More sincere smiles while truly meeting the gaze of a stranger, more sitting on our front porches getting to know our neighbors, more openness and kindness in our daily interactions, more thoughtful gestures. Everyone you know or meet is working through some challenge you usually know nothing about, and a little more acceptance and connection can go a long, long way.
Yes, there are complex problems in the world, like homelessness, and yes, there are equally complex solutions. But there are simple answers too, that start within. We all have limitless light and the same humble opportunity to create a better world by generously giving away something that’s free and in endless supply: love and more love and love. Let’s share it more often."


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