Monday, June 29

Superhero Wisdom of the Week:

"As a general rule…it's best to be yourself." -Martian Manhunter

Challenge Question:
We all have rules to live by. These rules, these golden rules, are fundamental to who we are and how we live our lives. Sometimes we are taught these pieces of guiding wisdom by someone of significance, someone along the way or we glean them through experience. They are laws that direct us, root us and protect when all else fails. Every superhero has his or her own personal rules.

What is
your "golden rule?"


  1. I'd have to say my "golden rule" is simply, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you". I know that sounds trite, but that doesn't make it any less true. I find that, almost universally, something you wouldn't want done to you is not something you should do to someone else. Not even (or maybe especially not) to an ethereal "someone else" that you don't know and likely will never meet. For example, if I lost some personal possession somewhere (just to select a random example, my digital camera), I would hope that whoever found it would do their best to get it back to me (like turn it in to a lost and found, or something similar) rather than just keep it. How can I expect that behavior of others if I don't practice it myself?

  2. Good one. Not so trite though. I think the most simplistic laws can often be among the most logical. These are the rules, due to their universal nature, that not only apply to each of us and the things that we do, but also bind us in their wisdom. Golden rules like the one you mention are so powerful that they exist at the foundation of entire communities. A superhero can live by a law like this one because he or she knows that it has the potential to not only help them to be stronger individually, but that also it also possesses the power to bring about real change.


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